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Nov 16, 2009 4:16am EST
with the united states. >> you say you think that the visit is good and you spoke of similar bombs, but, of course, some in this country -- some in this country may see a different symbol. he's a president disgraced, left office, received a pardon for any and all crimes he may have committed and accepted the pardon. do they understand what that means in the country and. >> i don't think they understand it. please don't put me down as i'm trying to answer questions based on my experience in china. they say watergate makes no difference. i mean, they actually quote, that could be a direct quote. it is awful close to it. so you see, they aren't dwelling on water gate. we can argue and there's plenty of room for opinion and i have my own personal opinion that i don't plan to divulge to you about how i feel about it, but i'm telling you how the chinese feel about it. >> he went on 13 years later to become the 41st president of the united states. this week his son, the 43rd, made his first post-presidency public appearance in texas. he announced plans for a public policy arm of his forthcoming president
Nov 16, 2009 3:30am EST
of open candid conversations that lead to decisions being made that will benefit the united states and move us toward goals like more peaceful prosperous outcomes for us and many parts of the world. secondly, i think it is important to underscore that we see the fight against al qaeda and the syndicate of terror in the security interest of the united states. i think that kind of got lost the last eight years with a lot of talk about how it wasn't important to get bin laden, you know, that we were there for some other reason. no. it's critical to get those who attacked us. that is what we are there for and what we are trying to do is to assess the best way forward so that we can go anywhere in the united states and anywhere in the world and say the same thing. you have to understand that we believe this syndicate of terror is a threat, not just to the united states and our friends and allies, but to pakistan, afghanistan and many others. >> let me turn to the issue of china where you and the president head next. the lead of the new york times story out this morning about the preside
Nov 1, 2009 10:00am EST
. these are not small issues. it is not written in stone that the united states of america will be as strong as we have been for the decades and centuries to come. you only have to be a casual student to understand that strong countries used to be strong em pirps have to renew themselves at moments of challenge. we led in the industrial revolution. we led in the information revolution. we have to lead in the green revolution and china and india and other countries are aggressively in that space. so this is what he's asking people to do is not necessarily thing that is the short-term benefit will be clear in the next election or the one after that or the one after that. washington has failed the country because they refuse to do the tough things that we all know we have to do. if we don't make the right progress on health care and energy, our economy is going to struggle for decades to come. >> all goals but you are in the politics business k. he take the message without suffering losses next year? >> well, everyone in washington wants to predict what happens next fall. this thing has 20 lifetimes. i th
Nov 8, 2009 10:00am EST
of the west, western europe as well as the united states. >> helmut schmidt, not as a chancellor of germany and a former minister of defense, but as a german, how have you reacted to the events of these last days? >> well, it was a great joy. i might tell you that i was in the area for two days just at the eve of these events and i felt a great joy in my heart and i think most germans did. >> as the wall falls, one journalist broadcasts live from the scene of this world changing event. nbc's own tom brokaw. >> the western german police have moved in here suggesting they move back saying that the situation is already complicated enough, but it doesn't seem to make any difference. the people are here to celebrate freedom. >> and we go live now to tom at that very same spot where he stood 20 years ago. tom, it is very good to see you. talk a little bit about the spontaneity of that night. >> reporter: well, the events just unfolded completely beyond our control. i had come here two days earlier to report on the turmoil in the eastern side not having any idea that the wall would come down and t
Nov 30, 2009 3:30am EST
by literally delivering the vaccines that exist in the united states today and cutting down the lag and the amount of time it takes to get those vaccines to developing worlds, and while we can invest some of our money in that it takes an enormous amount of government funding and equipment to get those vaccines out. and the other piece we help which is really the research, getting the new vaccines created that are just for the poor children, so new vaccine for pneumonia, for die rheal disease that exists in the developing world. >> part of what you're talking about is there are government programs that are working that people may not realize are working. >> absolutely. and that's part of the news we want to get out especially the president's emergency plan for aids relief petbar, has delivered to africa who are living today because they got these lifesaving drugs against hiv aids. that's up from only 155,000 people five years ago so it's really when we go out and travel there's immense hope about aids in africa today because of that specific program and that specific american investm
Nov 22, 2009 2:00pm EST
is in highspeed rail, and there are three regional highspeed rail systems being planned in the united states. i'd like to see an infrastructure bank developed with some of the remaining tarp money that could lend to communities to move those plans forward quicker. so that because transportation has a billion -- it has 40,000 jobs for a billion dollars spent. it's a good investment of funds right now. we have to be concerned with jobs. i mean, i cannot tell you what it's like when college graduates come and say, look, i've sent out 40 resumes i've been turned down 40 times. i've got a degree, i'm a 4.0 student, what do i do? let alone the person that has worked in a machine shop who's laid off. it's a real problem in our country. i think for many of us, we've got to look out there, and look for american products candidly and buy american products. i think we have to understand that other countries obviously want to import into our country, export into our country. but i think we have to begin to sort of star our own products and say, mr. and mrs. america, buy something. >> back to secretary geit
Nov 9, 2009 3:30am EST
views against the united states, against our wars in iraq and afghanistan, those are not true, those are not conclusion that is should be drawn? >> as i said, that's anek total information. >> did he express concerns, you say you don't think signs were missed, he wanted to be discharged from the army, he had a poor evaluation from waller reed. as a psychiatrist, there are too few of those, he was not let out. >> all those things could add up to a conclusion by the investigators that we should have seen something. now, i will tell you that we will take a hard look at our ourselves as an army because we want to make suring in like this ever happens again and it is our ethose to ask ourselves the hard questions and adapt based on that. but it is just too early right now, david. >> let me ask you how the military is handling the mounting toll on our troops of multiple deployments, combat deployments and what the psychological toll is. bob herbert in "the new york times" put it this way. he also pointed out that the secretary of defense talked about the stigma of the psychological problem
Nov 9, 2009 12:00am EST
. >>> meanwhile people here in the united states are preparing for the possibility hurricane ida could hit the gulf coast. chuck's here with more on that. >> that's right. yes, indeed. a clear sky over washington right now. we are watching out for all eyes on ida down in the gulf coast. let's go ahead and check out our weather graphics computer. all eyes on ida, indeed. watches and warnings have already been posted. tropical storm and hurricane watches and warnings posted along the gulf coast. a landfall of a hurricane is possible early on tuesday. we may have the wind and rain here in the washington area by wednesday. certainly nothing of a strong wind nature here in washington. still, nonetheless. there you can see the watches and warnings posted along the gulf coast from new orleans and mobile and pensacola to the big bend of the florida peninsula. 460 miles now to the south of pensacola, florida. the storm is moving up to the northwest at 12 miles per hour. a full check on the track and our work and school forecast coming up in a few minutes. >>> redskins, they now sit at 2-6 halfway t
Search Results 0 to 25 of about 26 (some duplicates have been removed)